Treat Yoursmellf.

Comforting fragrances that heal from the inside out.

Why call it Bottled Up Feelings?

Easy. Because feelings are healing.

Our Values:

Fragrances should be FUN.

Not stuffy and pretentious: they should actually smell good. 

It should be about wearing whatever makes YOU happy, whatever makes you feel alive, or brings back happy memories from your childhood or your first date. Maybe it's musky and smoky. Maybe it smells like a campfire marshmallow.

And fragrances that make you happy have mental health benefits, too. Which brings us to...

Fragrances should be HEALTHY & SAFE.

There are all kinds of crazy artificial chemicals in fragrances, even big brand names. We bend over backwards to remove all of them. We're proudly Prop-65 ingredient free, phthalate/paraben free, artificial dye-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and more.

You shouldn't be worried about getting a headache from your favorite scent!

Buying fragrances should help the WHOLE WORLD.

  • We give an entire 50% of our profits back to environmental charities. Currently, we donate to the Coalition for Rainforest Nations. But this is decided by our community, so tell us where you think it should go!

  • 99% sustainable products & packaging. Everything from box to bottle can be recycled, except for the sprayer pump.

Our Current Deals:

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THE COMFORT BOX - Deluxe Gift Set

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Eau De ToiletteParfum
Relax You're Doing GreatEmergency Hug SprayBerries & Cream for the SoulYou're Made of Star StuffGive me all of them! (SAVE 40-50%)


Our best-selling package! This box is ALL about comfort. Calming, uplifting, and peaceful. Find your happy place. We really enjoyed making these fragrances!

All fragrances come in 15 mL bottles. Choose from 2 fragrances:

  • Berries & Cream For The Soul
  • You're Made Of Star Stuff

Or save and get a gift set with one of each :)

Choose an eau de toilette for a light, fresh experience that doesn't overstay its welcome. Choose a parfum for a deeper, longer-lasting, scentsual journey.

Fragrance Notes

Berries & Cream For The Soul

Crystalline and magical. Soothing, fresh fruit balanced with the smooth calmness of cream and vanilla, balanced by the deep sandalwood base notes.

Top Notes: Blackberry, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Currant, Cream, Marshmallow

Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood


You're Made Of Star Stuff

You are though!

This fragrance feels like that perfect peacefulness under a starry night sky. The sweet but dark plum is calming like nothing else. The floral jasmine and orchid combine perfectly underneath, transporting you to a place of such tranquility, you'll just want to breathe in deeper than you ever have before. Subtle spices and caramel add another dimension to this comforting but complex fragrance.

Top Notes: Black Plum

Middle Notes: Orchid, Jasmine

Base Notes: Caramel, Spices

Shipping & Returns


Ships straight from our HQ, in Minnesota.

We can ship anywhere within the United States. Each customer will receive a tracking link once their order has shipped. For any additional questions, email for a prompt answer :)


We want everyone to be able to try our products risk-free, and return them if they are simply not working for you.

Therefore, we have a 30-day return policy, which means as long as you start the refund process within 30 days, you're good to go.

To be eligible for a return, the item may be opened, but must still contain most of its contents. A few sprays of the fragrance is completely fine.

To start a return, you can contact us at Please do not send any items without contacting us first, or we may not be able to match the return to your order.

Frequently asked questions

Can I return my bottles if I don't like them?

Yes. We want everyone to be able to try our products risk-free, and return them if they are simply not working for you. 

Therefore, we have a 30-day return policy, which means as long as you start the refund process within 30 days of delivery, you're good to go. If you're nice to us, we're not sticklers about the exact dates, either 🙂

You can open and try our fragrances and still return them, but they must contain most of their original contents. A few sprays is completely fine.

I love your fragrances and want to be an ambassador/collaborate with you.

Awesome! Send us an email at

How long does your shipping take?

For bottles, we typically use fast UPS shipping which takes just 2-3 business days in the continental US.

Do you offer samples?

Yes we do, sample cards are just $1 each. You can order by clicking here.

If you'd prefer, you can order a bottle, try it, and return if it doesn't suit you.

Where are you based?

We operate out of Minneapolis, MN :) All products are assembled in-house here.

How do I know this isn't all a scam?

How do we know YOU'RE not a scam?

Just kidding, you seem nice. 

  1. All bottles have a tracking number and are shipped out within 24 hrs.
  2. Payment via PayPal is available.
  3. Real people in customer service. Get a reply from a human, not a form letter. If you have any doubts about your package, shoot us an email at

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