Why We Exist

I started Bottled Up Feelings because scents can bring you so much extra joy. And they're not.

Joy, but also fun, and hope, and comfort, and nostalgia.

There's no sense as rich as smell. It's almost like it unlocks another dimension of richness that brings you truly into the present moment, into the experience you're having right now.

So why are fragrances so boring!

Perfumes as a product are actually 4000 years old, and still we only use them for attracting a mate.

There's nothing wrong with that, go ahead and wear those fragrances. Or don't, I'm not your boss. But why can't fine fragrances be more than that?

Fragrances should be FUN.

It should be about wearing whatever makes YOU happy, whatever makes you feel alive, or brings back happy memories from your childhood or your first date. Maybe it's musky and smoky, or maybe it smells like a campfire marshmallow.

It's likely that fragrances even improve our mental health! Which brings me to...

Fragrances should be HEALTHY.

And they should be the highest possible quality. Not cheap chemical scents from the supermarket. Luxurious, fine fragrances!

You shouldn't have to worry about getting a headache (or worse!) to enjoy a good scent.

Lastly, it's about helping to fix the world we live in.

Bottled Up Feelings donates 50% of proceeds to environmental charities.

The seas are rising, the ice caps are melting. There's no time for symbolic gestures.

"No half measures...just donate half."

It's time to make a real difference.

I'm an optimist. I think we can fix this.

And I hope Bottled Up Feelings can bring some sunshine into your life, too.


Founder, Bottled Up Feelings

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